Time is now.

Soooo…I stumbled on this guy on the internet who has this program called Live Your Legend, and it had 27 questions. Mostly questions about what you could see yourself doing in the future, who are your idols, and I am actually surprised by what I answered with, mostly cause my answers have no ground work other then desire to support them.

I wrote how I wanted to write, and maybe even sing! I wrote my idols, people like Paulo Coelho, Humans of New York, Red Hot Chili Peppers, could I actually compare myself to these people? I noticed I love how they shared their perception of the world. And how I admired that. Ive never taken writing classes accept by pre requisites in university, and I’m sure I may of cheated in them (maybe not), or not been passionate about it. And suddenly, I am concluding from some exercise that I should try it? Well times have changed for me I guess!

Im frightened, like suddenly I’ve put it out to the world…But really, I rather flop, I rather go to a write up with musicians or other writers, and totally face my fears, then to pretend this isn’t what I want, or that I need more time to decide…

Soooo….yesterday I bought the domain http://www.enthusiadam.com for $1.50. I hope to just write a lot on there. Random things, poetry, thoughts, everything, and see if writing is my thing, then what voice do I and others love the most. So look out for that!

Well every journey starts with one step, so, here we go!


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