Midsummer update…

I know it’s not technically mid summer…Although I am a month and a half into my summer trip, and I feel it’s about time I give an update…

First I will express whats on my mind…

Months ago I was given a ‘destiny’ based off your birth chart. It said I was a lyricist. At the time it felt wonderful as that sort of role feels so heart warming to imagine…Today I was reading about plastic in the oceans. I had this sense that what does the world need a lyricist for? The world needs more inventors!

The other day a friend of mine was going through a very difficult moment. I seen that person during that time, and I was later told that my interaction was the perfect distraction. I felt valuable, yet, superficial. Is that medicine sometimes during a difficult time – distraction?

This made me think that yes the world does need inventors, but they also need something to do with their mind rather than invent. Perhaps writing and poetry is valuable to them. Perhaps its something they respect and find incredible, and feel that they are happy to do their craft of inventing as long as someone does the writing part of life for them. Maybe its a healthy distraction?
After all, sudokus and crosswords won’t save the world, but they are the necessary mode some of use to get out of a problem and get objective again. Sometimes something is all we need….

I’m hesitant to be honest. My trip has been very…well…under performing in some ways. Ofcourse, this is my expectations, which are like stoners, always high, but still…My trip began with me on a farm in a town in the south of Victoria. Victoria is the pretty much the most south you can get, so lets say west. Anyways, it was a hobby farm for pigs, cattle, and chickens. I was a little hurt to see how the animals were kept in small pens, or had to eat what I felt was not their natural diet. (Im a farmer with a week of experience so please take my review with that consideration!)…It was nice though, I had my own trailer, I wrote a lot, and was only shown this farm thanks to a friend who recommended it. Prior to my trip, I felt I had a world of options, a lifetime of options. Yet, I had more ideas than true paths. When the time finally came, this was the only place that said they were ready for me. Others didn’t respond. I was really dumbfounded when I seen how there were SO many profiles, and so little responses. We all bet the wrong horse now and then.

After 9 days here, I went to Sooke, where I did a “Kill weeds for a bed exchange”. It was nice to see other ways of life, how peaceful the family was, with their big property, and responsible kids. Following that I went to my high school reunion, and then after that went to Galiano Island. There I helped again pull weeds for landscaping (not so much of a farmer am I?).

All part of the journey, I see at first I just wanted to see parts of Canada, the islands, the small towns, but now I wish to do so while also doing more farming practices. If I have to work, at least I will do what I wish to do.

After this I went to volunteer at Bass Coast. I was on the green team, where we handled logistics of garbage, recycling etc. A few days before the festival we set everything up, and afterwards we put everything into bins. Unthinkable amount of garbage, after a few days, with a good majority of the crowd probably being progressive young people. I only say that with the surprise of just how much garbage there is at these events. To think of being a garbage collector in the city, driving 8 hours a day, the amount of garbage must be huge! Multiply that by every big city, in every country, in every continent. How does one manage such magnitude of stuff. Beyond me to know, but its on humanities list of “things to do”.

I am in middle mode now, about to embark on next things. I prefer to write down what I do, as oppose to what I am going to do. I am starting to see that plans change so fluidly these days, and new opportunities arise, and old ones change. Instead I will update what I have done. My GOAL is to do more farming, see more of British Columbia, and enjoy my summer, hopefully discover some new parts about myself along the way.

P.s. I was chatting with my dad today, about the idea of finding ourselves. He eventually used the analogy that we are literally lifting up rocks and looking underneath, trying to find what we like and don’t like. I really felt that with myself. How often are we creating our lives, rather than trying to find out there. It inspired abit of my writing today. The moment I stopped trying to ‘find’ inspiration, it became a bit easier to write. I was overdue. So it’s happened.

Excuse any spelling mistakes.