The big in small, the small in the big




If you are shooting for the big, you resent the smalls, but the smalls are the doorways to love, the beginning of a happy greatness, a book is a collection of 1000 lines…and a line a connection of beautiful words…

the fruit teaches the seed…

look at an apple, in the middle is the seed, surrounded by fruits…around the seed grows the fruit…the seed expands…by not getting bigger, but by having more protection, more resources

the seed stays the same size

the seed can lift itself up the tree…

drop an apple seed on the ground, and years down the road, there are now 1000 seeds hidden in the apple fruits above…where is the original seed? is it embedded in the bark? is a small micro piece of it in the tree?

how bout the soil? its impossible to separate completely the soil that was first on this planet from the soil that it is now…you can pesticide it, over exploit it, but it still has some original dna from its birthday, perhaps billions of years ago, and how bout before that, before there was soil, or water, or earth, what dna was around then? maybe in the air which was converted to matter… how has that morphed to still be around today, in micro spots…almost un measurable, but in terms of truth, its probably there, from the beginning of time, before big bang, what was? is the big bang like a breath, and we are simply on the out breath…are we existing in some being so profoundly greater then us, that billions of years is a second for it…its hard to imagine…if thats the case, then the true distance of some stars must be so unfathomably far, farther then we can ever imagine, imagine that…our simple invention of butter and bacon and dance and shavers and water bottles and head phones, minuscule, not even worthwhile or honest to such a force, to such a truth…thats hard to conceptualize…it puts perspective on our inclination to sweat the small stuff…bus times…scheduling…appearance…hourly pay..they all seem so insignificant…perhaps that is our lesson…what is significant if its not things…(even though these things have a timeless piece in them that is hard to recognize at first)…what human emotion is important…

enjoying our lives…having a fun time…not getting stressed about the little aspects of our life…grateful  for the shower, even though planets and other things exist around us…its a funny world we live in…to be calling our needs luxuries…that being fed is a luxury, that being housed is a luxury…its so normal to us…we can almost convince ourselves that the world is so mighty we dont need to care for ourselves

and that is the balance…between protection, salvation, security, and meaningless effortless bliss and love…

the pendulum of safety and ecstasy, of brilliance and mundane, of the micro particle of forever in everything, and the decaying of products, lives, inventions and ideas…we decay, yet we are forever… an aspect of forever that can never be destroyed, can never be beaten out of something

the hammer that beats the nail even has it, the lion eating the deer,

its hard to imagine our lives to will face challenges…how will we adapt, how will we conceptualize them, how will we justify them, will we loose our sanity? will we find a way to relax, to be accepting, but also, finding the timeless in the unthinkable…understanding in the questions that have no answers, in the mystery perhaps greater then our answers, our answers are bandaids on the true pain of being apart of the unknown…we justify, knowing were wrong, not accepting we live in total darkness of truth, and that IS the truth…

in the world whose mechanics are so foreign to us, like the ant understanding car mechanics…how do we really, really, come to that humbleness, that we are that unsure, we are that unaware, that small. That simple.

But as this all began, if you shoot for the big you resent the small…this perhaps is all true above, but to use that as a reason to resent the small will make you blind…the small has to be just as sacred, for from the small was birthed the big, the big perhaps was once a small, and the big expands, even on a speed far greater then we can understand, a small piece at a time, embrace the small, and the big, and realize understanding them is not necessary, understanding we dont understand is really all one has the capacity for…


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