Imagination with the seawall.

The Seawall is a fitness, meditation, and history lesson all in one. I began to think about the bridge, my bike, the sea wall itself. How long would it take me to create this if I started at square one. To go from caveman to this. The invention of concrete, the shipping and the means to ship it, the science within it, and the strength of it, the addition of colours and the ability to create those, to discover them. From nothing the jump seems impossible, yet civilization as a whole began here, and has come to this. Incredible. So many historical human inventions and advancements culminated to the creation of this bridge. So. Much. Time. The little steps along the way, the smaller bridges, the weaker materials, all growing and expanding, to eventually get this. The jump from nothing to this is such a feat of mankind. It really shows our capability’s together.

Even my bike, the discovery of the wheel, the structure, the smooth ride, tires, air, brakes. To go from a blank slate to this is a great thought experiment! The idea of how many years it would take of creativity and guess and check to go from beginning to this. Well, since the beginning of humanity, to this. The evolution of it all really caught me today!

The sea wall itself, the amount of labor, concrete and man hours to build this thing. The machinery, and the countless days to build the machine, all for something which is so overlooked by so many. The craftsmanship…

Its also a wonderful thought imagining the mountains, the birds, the ocean, all exist along side us. We didn’t create those, and if we wernt here, they still would be. All this beauty, the vastness of the ocean, appreciated by the little seagulls on the rocks…Its a real gift to be able to experience this, to witness this universe. To think being a bit closer or further from the sun, and it would never be this way.


A lot of respect to Native Americans. To intersect with nature, enough to survive but not to destroy. To use the land to survive, what independence. They were self sufficient with maybe 100 people, yet the amount of people it takes to get food, medicine, heat, clothing, entertainment, to assist in birth, to teach in MY life, is so many! That all was contained within their tribe. To meet those needs today touches so many peoples lives. I cant imagine the number of people who my existence in small ways comes in contact with. Simply buying a phone, goes through so many food chains, so many people, law makers, tech people, hardware people,  shipping, factories, warehouses, just to get to me. And that’s one purchase of a day. Unbelievable.

I think if I was the only one on this land, how would I survive? Kill a bear? I don’t see wild animals. I feel so detached from an environment where I can survive independently. I am safe here, but completely dependent. The system does feed me, clothe me, but I really reflect on my farming ideas. I imagine the self dependability. I could grow my own potato, my own eggs. I feel I internalize the system, I become creation. Today the machine picks the veggies, bakes the bread, feeds the animal. Incredible that the next step in independence was the factory, yet lately, I notice the craving next for me is that self-independence, replacing the robot with myself, in a time when A.I. and technology doing those roles seems so un-debatable.

Even the ship, imagining one man creating that behemoth, the amount of life times of discoveries put together to create that. So under acknowledged…Its not ‘natural’, its not a tree trunk on the water. But its what it is, a wonder of something. A pinnacle of something. A reflection of creativity, industrial or not, still creativity.


And my clothes. To grow the cotton, design the pants, every piece of this culture entails so much creation and people before me.

The plumbing and the electricity of this city, inside EVERY city. Beyond complex, and nearly everyday it works. Maybe one day it wont, for a few of us or many of us, or it will, for a long time, who knows. The fact that millions upon millions use these systems, practically invisibly, effortlessly, flawlessly, without any added effort by us, is a real wonder to me today. Humbly performing day after day, lightbulb after lightbulb, sink after sink.

The planes in the sky, even they blew my mind. The unfathomable complexity that we can consider within the most basic day to day. The plane ahead, the boat afar, the ground underneath.

These inventions of our civilization don’t get enough spotlight. These everyday background pieces that go by us, so easy to miss…


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