Creative Writing and High Quality Cacao = This

Im one with the cacao spirit. It doesn’t want to stay put. Its patient. It understands the context and can be adaptable. It doesn’t NEED to move. A Ferrari can be parked, just not for too long.

Tell me cacao, do you want me to go through this pattern? Panicing, confusion? Or is solving it not a literal act, but a change of words. Trusting you IS the change. The change is trust, because it feels right, not because an algebra formula proves it. We must embody the proof, then it will multiply to the paper, the food, the place. Trust. Embrace this variety. This uniqueness. This spirit of change. OF renewal, of spiraling cleansing and waterfall removing. The crystalline angelic fall. The glitter of time slowing, gravity releasing. Freedom. Effortless nothing. It’s a wonderful moment. When time stops. When life takes a deep breath. Everything is in this state of being. When you crystalize, everything does. Including the most distant force of all, the thing furthest, most unbelievable. Your mind. Its not IN this plane. A million light years is closer. Like death, that person is now further then the edge of the cosmos. Can we understand that. Can we map that? Measure? Its like measuring where a thought comes from? Maybe the same place YOU come from? From the deepest place on earth. The sky to nothingness. Allow yourself to get lost in wonder, in imagining that. Cacao comes from there too. But why? But how? Does the potato? The berry? The bread? When the threshold between product and spirit cross? When does a physical experience become a spiritual one?
What is important to humans today? Celebritys, cafes, places? We are no worse, or better, but different. Jerusalem is here, The Sahara is here. The ocean is here, on the land, in my bedroom, in the coffee shop. To prove is not necessary, but to believe, and see the invisible, to invent the impossible, dream the unimaginable. This volcano of spirit, was, has, been awaiting eruption. If its darkest before dawn, it will be born from THIS struggle. Today global warming, over population, are all words, details, the uncredited mothers of a spiritual renewal. Desperation is imagination. Remember that. Confusion and solution are inseperable. The day is hidden in the womb of the night. And we can see the world in videos. The shores, the forests. In those fields of flowers, are the photographs, memories, of mother earth. She too IS purging, on a spiritual quest. To ask what is important. What is necessary. What is she willing to loose to survive. She gains from humans, and that is a misunderstood concept. She invented technology. Its HER creation. At the expense of many…At the creative expression of possibility. Of randomness and lottery. When we retract our responsibility to a higher force, a larger vision, its not about us, any of us, or the animals. We may live longer then the creatures going extinct, but flooding drownds everything eventually. The tallest may drown last, but if the water are high enough…
Tornadoes, windstorms, floods, meteors, all existed before humans, and our existence is birthed from this reality. Dinosaurs are fascinating, but were also at their most targeted when they were at their most abundant. How does one protect against A.I.? All of the fears we project on our future? There is a flood, rising, but rising slow enough to seduce us that it wont rise high enough, fast enough, or even at all…There is one survival technique to embrace. Non-resistance. In its essence. A beautiful acceptance that we arnt inventing these times, we aren’t creating A.I., global warming, all of our global problems. Spirit is. Spirit is on a psychedelic. On a path. Spirit itself, is on a pilgrimage. And we are walking beside her. Like it or not, we are walking with her. Are we the mother by our babys side? Or are we the baby, enduring the sideeffect of a mother going through her journey. We are too young to help. The lesson is have no fear and no regret. No loss. All is planned, all is worshipped by spirit. Chosen by spirit. Birthed and exactly how spirit chose it to be. Relieve yourself of the suffering you inflict on yourself. That is the lesson. There is no circumstance to far to justify self harm, no reason so valid to forget self-love. In that understanding we are born. We are brought to spirit. That sobering is the drunk. That discovery is the new horizon. Spirit is a larger world then the material world. Larger than lifetimes, than distance, and our imagination. Every thought of the world fits into a ball in your hand. The cell phone is that manifestation. It is just a manifestation of that. Our addiction is not wrong, not distracting, or cutting us off from one another. It’s a new drug, expressing one quality. Embrace that. The cell phone IS the global warming, the pandemic we fear. Its already on its journey. There is no fear of that. Nostalgia is fine. But the housing crisis is an embracing of nomadic life. The once settled culture is now nomadic. Change is good. Unaffordability is good. It spurs movement. It opens up the rest of the world to you. It is not a bout repeating the last generations security. Their lives had a billion different factors. And the sooner we live our lives, our generation, as oppose to our lives based on the old ways, the better. The buses wont come on time, the apps wont work, needing the job, staying in the house, indecision rising, animal welfare falling. The pain of us needing things better. Orcas disappearing, tribes displaced, locals having no housing, that’s just as big a problem. But accept a force is controlling the play. And that’s scary. What stops us from not quiting our jobs, feeling trapped and panicing? These fears, how do we soothe ourselves? What would cacao recommend? Its not sure either. Cacao shares your fear. You too walk in this world. You too are in the same boat. Looking for an ember of rational. Wanting to leave your body, your circumstance, can happen through dance, trance, patience, And theres no free lunch. A walk in the park reminds you to be courageous. It asks for that in exchange. The 2 for 1 inspires you to give. Nature provides nothing for free. We cant hand shake the masters hand.



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