Window Seats

Ive sat in the window seat of so many planes, and so many trains, one place will never feel like home again/
And I miss my grandpa, one day ill call and he wont answer, and they say times moving faster/
Ive sat there on the edge of the ocean, and looked out to the open, and realized there that beauty was an emotion/
Even after I, have done it a hundreds of times, I still have no idea how to say goodbye/
I have began taking the scenic way more, then I ever have before, because whats saving time if during that time you feel much older/
When my moment comes, and instead I run, its telling you long before age you decide if your old or young/
Roadtrips through the country side, that could of been my life, the only difference was how someone rolled the dice/
And sometimes everything went right, and it made my night, and those put together are what make a life/


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