Old poems and raps from past decade.

Every other post the past few months has been travel writing. This is a more creative and experimental blog post, showing a unique side of myself and keeping it fun. Enjoy!


In second year university, nearly 10 years ago, I had a huge passion for writing raps and poems. This phase continued for many years until I got back from Australia maybe 5 years ago. Most of these are more from around the Australia time.





Candle lit, we can do it glamorous

you know I cant resist

these tango dances

how romantic

how old fashioned

we take these getaway trips

continental weekends

putting back together the pieces,

and everybit we seized of it

how picture perfect, how rightly so

how unlike him, oh there he goes

romeo of radio

do I make seduction rap

every girl I ask say the loving that


Together too much


Night and day she’s with me

Hand in hand she’s with me

Hard times she’s with me

Getting lost she’s with me

And when I need space she’s with me


Dancing together she’s with me

Long nights she’s with me

Bed together she’s with me

Meeting parents she’s with me

Those days long ago

She’s with me

Now I hear someone else say

She’s with me



Byron Bay hostel poem


no car, im in another part of the world

its a rain storm, so were staying in the dorm

playing jay-z’s encore, and laying on the floor

weve all have our dreams,

and I wanna do so many things right now,

thats how we learn about our means

its not just about this its a lifestyle,

thats why its my team

and together we tryna compete

with guys who do this for a living

who raise their kids and succeed

now im writing when im with friends

with roommates, with family

ive had to give alittle bit of life

alittle bit every night

just a bit of it all





Business is hurting,

and lately people don’t have the time

in the museum

Day to day life

doesn’t compare to history

in the museum

In the city centre

come see life on the country side

in the museum

These colours were so bright back in the day

but the paints have faded

in the museum

Im running out of new art work

and things haven’t changed as of late

in the museum

and I don’t know if anyone will understand it

so I never hung it on the wall

in the museum

theres line ups everywhere else

what happened to true art

in the museum

todays the day

but no one came

in the museum

people want autographs

but don’t want paintings

in the museum

I’ve never felt so alive

those were the days

in the museum



so close and so far


with each impulse, I’m engulfed

I’m lost, I brought us here,

its my fault

but its so soft


ive made promises, ive made bad promises

im in over my head, its gonna follow us

its all gonna fall on us

but this is so fun


I haven’t introduced ya, but its the two of us

I haven’t owned up, I haven’t opened up

I can’t keep going,

hold me


We said last time, let’s give it one more try

Well make a claim, well say well change,

We can go all the way,

unless you want me to stay





Your there by my side

Holding my hand

Looking at that world outside

Look isn’t it so wide

Isn’t it so bright


Adams Rap

Trying to go slow
I got better luck going backwards
Alittle courtesy? Certainly
And people who could barely speak English
Spoke my language perfectly
Bad weather
And we still never sat for dinner
How come I come back in the winter
Well hold my seat for me
Those waisted nights made my story
An ordinary life turned right to glory
Keep going, yet no body seems to know him
Keep growing, I grew up to seize the moment
When I see it I’ll know it
It’s my life I know how it feels to hold it
And when frozen drops
Hit molten rock
I open up
Try to close me shut
I’m so alive I can feel inside
I’ve been rolling the dice my whole
And it’s hard to admit I escaped from home
And I’ll be back cause one day I’ll be gone
And its pay cheque to pay cheque for our day to day lives
Girl to girl, what a taste of the good life
Creationist, remaking this
Innovationist, retracing this
I don’t skim no surface
So hold your breath
Let’s go in depth

Light up the paper spaceships
We taking off from a basement
Now I cheated in geography so…
I ain’t the one to ask where I’m about to go
But everyone who called me brah now says bravo
Those were the days
I said once in a lifetime to many times for my age
Head in the clouds
I’ll come down when I turn the world
Upside down.




Ive been waking up to the same music

walking to that same bus stop

same food night and day

im picking up the pace

the knight while hes still young

22 and unsung

healthier then ever, my business circle, is my social circle

whirlwind kids, dont take shit

dont give a shit, 21st century zen

a generation to call home

whats it look like when its going right

blonde hair blue eyes, too many invites, less noons more midnights

a taste of the good life

I couldent understand when she had such a slight accent

Oh ya now I remember it was her anti depressants

those childhoods days were like grand theft auto living life in free mode,

middle class family I entered the world with cheat codes

instant reloads

so ive been drawing wrong conclusions, constantly sketching myself

the brushing it off afterwords, paint you this picture







dear journal,

let me tell you about this girl

the day I loose faith in her she trusts me again

Ive lost it, im now either chasing or re-tracing

im spinning out

angry, and then begging she forgave me

my perfect who eats ,healthy so he can be mouthy

she wants to be in theatre and I dont even see her

but I see the beauty in her she cant see in the mirrors

she got her fears so innocent could practically put me to tears

I never knew foreigners could speak my language

Ill say it again

I never knew foreigners could speak my language

these words were for her, ask me if it hurts

even worse it burns, its burns even more then words







to me there is no other choice my only voice

its got me at holding point

my options there dropping I cant stay on stable ground

from laps to raps, to me im running on that same track

my hands are tied, the day I die I burn alive

saying it outright is never my favorite outlet

I dont express through my outfits

dancing I always looked out of it

all eyes are on me, and its me whos gotta face it

people awaiting on me unveiling my show case of creations shit

one more sales pitch ill be alex rodriguez..,jesus

couch surf any more ill be sponsored by billabong..god,

im being pushed around

the food I cant taste no more

the pay I cant wait no more

fuck a wage Ill wage a war,

ill turn the tides, this is animal instincts

pushed my existence to the brink of extinction,

how abnormally, ive become apart of the majority

authority over superiority, horny for glory

so now man to man we stand

one of us pulls through the other goes back

one climbs one collapse

I dont think yall grasp this, magnitude

with a pen and a pad I rewrote the rules

wilderness thats what the hell this is, wheres your willfulness




Freestyle/Tumblr of raps..

(This is just excerpts of one or two lines from different ones, all put together. Not flowing as a song, but just separate lines.)


between day light and late night

it slipped into night fall

its early autumn in late October…

sometimes I wonder what it like to be


cause Ive only been local

coming up from the coastal, and im nothing but soulful

and ill treat every track like its final lap

I dropped outa class cause all I did was doodle autographs

and I dunno whats the point of free speech if your too scared to speak

you can call me that rare breed/ that, over achieved

as a kid I had vivid dreams of becoming the voters choice

now im a man, growing up to be a poster boy,

started gaming play station, next im playing over the station

kid caesar ringleader, promoting his generation

showboating and kept saying I was taylor-made for entertaining

first place it feels amazing, I finally found my safe haven

and I keep refusing on taking breaks

right on time for me’s still around 15 minutes late

paper space ships

in my basement

make me so flirtatious

i just crave it

I want to make its an understatement

I never was patient

thats why I dropped education

lifting off to entertainment

writing till I collapse was my biggest aphrodisiac

I used to glance up at my poster it said justification for higher education

but I didnt even need the school, I just needed to be amazing

feel the pressure pressing compressing on your nerves

/feeling depressed

/leaning on your perfect mahogany wood cream desk

/feeling the defects

being low key, I unlocked so many doors

My sixth sense was always a sense of wonder

on halloween ill take the costumes off

were getting dirty in the shower

a kid with initiative and look what I did with it

host a focus group

predict on numbers I should hope to do, then overshoot

when I first got into it, before I ever put out a track

I would back to back practice laps, till I got more fast

I kept pouring more gas, writing out more raps

it goes so far back, thats one hell of a war path

thats why I feel, in my field I gotta reinvent the wheel

that authentic classic feel

gaining mass appeal

stop focusing on downsides, hoping for downtime

wishing tonight at the grocery store goes real slow

I wanan throw away these steal toes, plug on the ear phones

you dont need to be broncho

you can ease on the macho

this lyrical pill

was filled to the brim with the minimal

my hometown a gateway drug

half borderline, half born to shine

dont worry ill keep this personal, never let another person know

I promise

stand out among those who sit back,

under bet him get armaggaden

this is robbery

and you took away the most important part of me

all these people keep saying is they aint got the time

but their giving the exact same amount the greats had to find

she gets high whenever she gets low

Neat gin, Mixed emotions





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