Quotes on Accountability

Theres a few quotes that all say the same thing in different ways.

“If you only walk on days you feel like it you’ll never make it to your destination”

“If you like rainbows, you got to learn to like the rain”

“Don’t step on caterpillars if you love butterflys”


They relate to me in the sense of im not really ‘feeling’ like doing this now. Theres apart of me trying to reconnect to a vision I had that said if I blogged 2-3 days a week I would feel much more connected to my writer self. Yet, the idea of pursuing a dream when you feel tired or uninspired can feel almost contradictory. We feel we ‘should’ feel different. Maybe…

I really see that energy in me of just wanting to be accountable to something. To just trust I can write (free write) and push myself to do that. Im curious how this blog will transform if I make it more directed, more aimed at specific topics each post. Not sure what those topics will be. Theres no sense of failure if I free write, but when I pick a topic, I find there are standards, other articles, things “I wish I said but didnt’s”. Well, all apart of the process I suppose. I can feel myself even now trying to maintain control. Structure. Trying to out type myself is abit nerve racking. Self conscious even at times. Ok. For the heck of it ill try to write on wisdom. Maybe the wisdoms I have thought of recently.

I have a piece of paper hanging on my white board. It has quotes about accountability. I haven’t looked at it in months. But its one of those that when I find those pieces of paper I don’t know what to do with them. Anyways it says things like.

“Whats the point of accountability if we only do them when they are easy and inspiring. No one needs accountability in those moments. Accountability is to help you in the moments when they are hard, challenging, and resisted.”

“Are emotions a valid enough reason for not doing accountability’s?”

“Can I achieve greater dreams and goals if the ‘perfect, exact’ right moment never comes?”

“What victim stories do we accept for not doing an accountability?”

“How much more could I accomplish if I acted regardless of emotions?”

“Whats better excellence or comfort?”

Im not necessarily endorsing all these quotes. Some times they are more applicable then others. I recall after being in a mens group that we made accountabilities in, the uniqueness of that facet of life. Promises. Commitments. Visions, followed by action steps. Goals, and a pressure to actually do them. Its been on my mind a lot the past while. Less so the past few months, but its still relevant to revisit these. To see these from a higher level, and ask – What can I do better?



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