Accountability vs Anonymity

This concept came up today in something i was reading. That we have far too much anonymity in our culture and thus too little accountability. Interesting concept. We all crave freedom, its our modern-day day religion. But is freedom code for anonymity. To be able to do what we want without consequence. Do we all want to be a king or a god, above the law? Are we subconsciously saying that?


Do you believe freedom is routine?

That discipline is liberation?


Are these contradictions on the surface? How can commitment be freedom. How can predictability be creative.


Yet times in my life these routine structures have felt so satisfying.


I remember after traveling i condemned routine. Called it limited. Safe. Joyless. Exercise too, was something i avoided heavily. Yet these days those structures i once resented give me huge empowerment, efficiency, and i feel optimized. Excitement. Its highly ironic the intensity i have changed in that sense. Really profound.

Anywho. How can we be more accountable. Our hardest moments can be when we are most alone, pulled out of an accountable environment. Its true that you can be accountable to yourself but what about your blind spots? How can you see what you dont even know is happening?


Accountability requires community, it thrives on it. Anonymity thrives on isolation. Accountability requires action.  Follow through. Dependability.

Does anonymity?

Food for thought.



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