Some sad parts about Whole Foods

I worked at Whole Foods a few years ago, and I was thinking last night about some sad realities they have.

  1. They have a very good return policy, but generally, things that get returned are thrown out. I remember seeing anytime vitamins were returned, or any health product, it was dumped. Even expensive products or anything like that.
  2. The breakfast from the hot bar, whenever it had left overs they would get dumped. They wouldn’t put it in the back for staff for example, and alot went to waste, everyday.
  3. Whole Foods has a big recycle program open to the public outside. The issue is the companies that pick up these from Whole Foods have a no mix policy. If any plastic is in the paper recycling for example, the entire batch gets thrown away. It was usually only a few percentage allowance, and anymore and it would be tossed. It was really sad, the image of this sustainable, eco initiative, which behind the scenes would usually just go in the garbage anyways.

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