This is a public private post. I feel ive been off my blog for so long that no one will even know i wrote this. I can write anything. I can be more creative then i normally am in my creative writing!


Alright that was fun. Again, nothing to say, teach, proclaim, or begin. Just following the formula. Write. Its a pretty basic how-to. Just actually get on here and do something. It can feel meaningless. Whats the impact? Well, accept it for what it is and allow the journey to unfold. Dont judge things to quick. [Insert other blanket positive thinking thought]. Apart of the process is to just repeat sentences and phrases over and over to add word count and space? I think i unconsciously do that. I get into a sort of trance where i just write out things i could say to anyone, wouldent have ti apply specifically to me. Like “Just go for it”. You could prescribe that advice to anyone, regardless of even listening to them. You dont even need to with these blanket advices. I feel i do that to myself. I get very indirect, dont critically analyze my own thoughts and instead find it easier to do these blanket statements of thoughts and affirmations. Well. Kudos. Wooptydo. Still feel proud and grateful im doing the work and posting something. Notice the to do list. Getting so long. Must compulsively do stuff. Ok maybe not. But i do wanna shower before work. Thoughts on my subconscious. Ideas waiting to be hatched. Im like a hen. Ya thats it for today. Checkmark for doing it Adam. A for effort! Rest is just for fun. The only goal and task is simply, utterly, just – write.


Just to say i did it

A goal of mine was to write more this year on this blog. I also had a goal to do courses online, and ended up mostly doing those. I felt i had no vision with the blog. Im not intending to simply create a journal online. The coveted inspiration never came, thus neither did blog posts. I wonder if i could change my perspective. To write anything, simply for the perspective of writing and habit, rather than quality. I acknowledge there is certainly something to be said about quality over quantity. But if quantity is zero then expectations are far too high. And discipline too is a necessary key at times. To welcome more structure and less passion. To just accept writing for the sake of writing. So this is that. A blog post, not guided by quality, not intended to be shared. Just to be written. For my own peace of mind. Experience that. Celebrate that. A first blog post in a long time is a little win, but sincerely a big one also. Trust the form and formless this will appear as.