Just to say i did it

A goal of mine was to write more this year on this blog. I also had a goal to do courses online, and ended up mostly doing those. I felt i had no vision with the blog. Im not intending to simply create a journal online. The coveted inspiration never came, thus neither did blog posts. I wonder if i could change my perspective. To write anything, simply for the perspective of writing and habit, rather than quality. I acknowledge there is certainly something to be said about quality over quantity. But if quantity is zero then expectations are far too high. And discipline too is a necessary key at times. To welcome more structure and less passion. To just accept writing for the sake of writing. So this is that. A blog post, not guided by quality, not intended to be shared. Just to be written. For my own peace of mind. Experience that. Celebrate that. A first blog post in a long time is a little win, but sincerely a big one also. Trust the form and formless this will appear as.


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