Finding the flow

All my posts are these self help quotes, or self care ideas. It feels alittle predictable. Hard to really change things up or to step into a new idea. Well embrace what comes out i suppose. Hard to comprehend change sometimes. It appears in so many different forms. We are all human. And how things unravel can be very mysterious. Please accept my vague unspecific writing above.

Oh blanket words. Over generalized advice. This optimistic overstatement. Hard to right sincerely when every post feels immediately followed by some recovery words. To just have a low feels tough. Recognize theres a certain bias for certain content. Certain moods. Certain ideas. No company for misery these days. Accept such a strange time we live in. With all the things we have. And all the things we dont. To really see it all for what it is. Some posts are smaller. Not as clear. Alittle rushed. Most are alittle rushed. But im on my way. Acknowledging everything has its time and place. I wish i thought about each sentence before i wrote it. They all feel like they could be deleted. In the post where nothing is essential. Where everything is partially important. What a beautiful time we live in. Endless non essentials. To delete one is to delete them all. Where will the world transpire to? Nobody knows. Today was about being creative. I think i did that. In a weird strange abnormal way. Accept how we process the moment. Accept it i said! If you dont ill write some more reasons for you too. Oh god my writing is so weird. Okay one of those days. Hit post and cya later.


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