My day

Gather round readers, come postpone your day and sit, listen to the details of my day rather than experiencing yours. Perhaps i can describe colours and experiences more vivid then you actually living them. When you are numbed, a detailed version can show so much you missed.

Dont get your hopes up, i dont really want to talk about my day. I tend to write thoughts rather than events. Ideas rather than incidents. Even now, now real vision of what to unfold. Note to self, stop writing i dont know. We know your going to do it….

Its another day in paradise of a busy life 8n this century and city. My highlight was going to the gym and having a veggie burrito. Also my lunch. Few moments at work. Funny how so many hours can feel merely background work, autopilot. Is it possible to have a routine that is more highlight. What changes will that ensue. What level of responsibility and awareness will such a shift need? Though provoking questions. I listened to a mens work podcast today. Got me motivated. Always ways to be more in tune with myself, connected to my passions and purpose. Even a solid gym day. Or seeing friends. All ways to find that inner shine. So we go along the journey. Accept what arrives. And just hop on stage and speak. Hit record. Buy the ticket. Start the journey. Very motivating times and place. Lean into that. Word of the day, integrate. Notice what you repeat. Are your bad habits just a place where you havent integrated better ones? Sit in that. See where you have potential to expand and grow. Do the work. And trust the process.


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