Today was socializing with my roommates about how investing is more accessible then ever these days. The ability for people to take money out of a bank and invest is so seemless. To invest in apple or tesla years ago must have been such a more complicated procedure. How will businesses change with people being able to invest easier. Being able to get funding quicker and faster. And everyone chasing those unicorn evaluations. Being able to say they invested in the big company. Its important to recognize people bought in companies they believed in. Ceos they believed in. Thats really the essential piece to all this. To really believe in what your buying. Yet maybe that wont make you 1000x your money. There is still is that temptation forsure. But it is a willingness to learn. To see where change makers want to take things. To follow and believe in those that have vision and ambition. Trust that. Thats the force behind the numbers. Invest in those people. Really look beyond the headlines and prices and see who has a philosophy and vision you can really stand behind. Thats what your trying to seek out. Even in crypto. How many of us know the creators. Know their ideas. Their mindset and why they are building what they are building. Thats a big piece to the puzzle. See where there is talent. A world vision worth fighting for. See where the road is going. Thats the fun of that world. To be involved. To see others succeed. But i have my own contradictions. Id love to see tesla succeed, and acknowledge as worthy as it is for investment, will i invest elsewhere where my money has more influence. More potential to grow. Which companies are already alive and sustaining, and which are still seeds needing support. Thats a big piece in everything too. See that its about finding what you love and feels alive. Find that spark and follow it.


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