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For years the ferry rides to the islands and looking at the ocean have been things ive really identified with. The vastness. The sheer amounts of water are unfathomable. In a universe where we are searching for water, its a miracle to be where we are – perhaps one of the few places in the solar system where water like this exists. What a phenomenon. I see it as god. I feel so humbled and small compared to such magnitude of size.

I find my cold dips have taught me alot. Eventually, the water always wins. I can stay awhile but eventually i need to acknowledge my limits and leave. The water outlasts me. It has more strength, its being so powerful. These forces i respect. I learn to absorb its strength. But i can only take so much, eventually, it says its time to leave.

The ocean so blue. The mountains look blue too. Yet the mountains are forests, why do they look blue? Ive read about this. As objects are further the colors change. The reflection of the sky. Such an interesting phenomenon.

Unrelated to islands or water, ive been thinking. You know when your approaching a red light on a bike, and another biker is there before you and has pressed the crosswalk button before you, and by the time you arrive the light is green for you? I wonder if this is whats Teslas done. It was in the ev world first, it hit the button, waiting for society to change, and now that its that time, all these other EV companies are building off that momentum they helped create. I wonder if thats whats happening.

With extreme winds, powerlines are fragile. Will these fears spur peoples interest in renewable energy. Solar panels on the roof insulate you from vulnerabilities in the transmission lines, if say they fell. Wind turbines can be closer to big cities, then say hydro dams, coal plants, etc, thus reducing the distances between where electricity is generated and where it is used. I wonder. I think climate change is accelerating these solutions.

I think thats all thats on my mind. Sending a hi from my ferry ride!


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