We can be so impulsive to describe what isnt working or why something is wrong. And overlook what value things in our lives give us. It can be such a common oversight. Neglecting what matters to us, over emphasizing whats new, whats next, what hasnt happened. We can be quick to forget those in our constant new world. I wonder how other cultures and times dealt with this. Why do we not ‘see through it’ naturally. Why are we falling victim to these forces that blindside us and that we dont understand. How can we be so unprepared to live in a society and times we find ourselves. Is knowing not enough. We know the world moves quick. To cherish those people and moments in our lives. Yet, we are distracted. Loosing priority of what matters. Must we wait and hope the times change for us to transcend this. Will we be victim to these over stimulation environments. I contemplate that. Clearly the over stimulation validates something for me. The need to constantly learn, quick growth. Is growth simply dopamine hits? Is it more holistic then that, or is it isolating one part of the human experience and claiming that to be enough. These theories and ideas are a reflection of our world, and challenges everyone will face. To make these a priority is to put less influence on the things around us. Making the best of everything suddenly is about needing less. Not taking any and every opportunity. Its a psychology of seeing that more has more setbacks. More complications. That simplicity. Contentment. Self-acceptance. Completeness. These are all emotions we arnt relying on the world outside us to validate. They are psychological states that are about deciphering between ourselves and the world around us.


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