West Coast

I have a calender infront of me of West Coast of Canada. It has islands, mountains, forests- typical Pacific Northwest nature. The surroundings are ripe with color, majesticness, snow or summer, lakes and flowers.

I dont tend to do this. Most of my posts are more theoretical, psychological, its a more adventurous side of me to write about something seemingly factual. Nature, landscapes. Its ironic we go to these places to discover some of our most core beliefs and insights. About humility, being so small. This nature would exist if humanity wasnt here. It will outlast us. And each leaf, each grass, each color, so overlooked. Its just too difficult, incomprehensible, to take in all the details.

For something so amazing, so accessible, its ironic its not more important and intertwined with us. Beautiful scenery is more accessible through media, calenders, photos, than actual life. These places exist beyond a picture. These are real epicenters of life and biology. Of history. Chemistry. Yet its more acceptable to see a movie on it then to explore it ourselves. Whats the consequence of this sort of armchair living. One bit detached, watered down, from the true thing. At one time did people really exist, belong, survive and live in these places we now call postcards. Its almost like window shopping, where we would love to go but dont embark too. Too much dreaming and not enough actualuzing.

I live in the West Coast, but through my eyes, I exist in a small home, on busy highways and city streets, in a few stores, and a few homes where im doing renovations. These titles of epic mountains , various oceans, forests (some 15 minutes away) are as good as fantasies. Things that exist beside me i dont even recognize. To think people pay so much to live in these cities, to once in a while see some nature.

I wonder, are there people really making more use of all this. In nature many times a month, couple times a week. Planning bigger trips. Going camping, exploring, discovering new places beyond parks, gardens. Sure it does take a vehicle. But id argue it takes a commitment. A focus. There are many with cars who dont go. Many with time who dont go. And many with little that go. The point is valuing it. Even if one doesnt go, can they atleast recognize the value of it. The fact the picture and video clip cant do justice to being there. Ive heard it said like a mountain scented air freshner cant tell you what the mountains are like. Its that honesty, that knowledge and awareness of what’s trully out there to be seen. And what are we compromising it for? What are we replacing some of the most incredible beauty with? These are the places and things we are needing to discover. Recapture. Remember.


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