Over investing

I fear im doing this lately. Putting too many eggs from my basket into the pot. I feel like the gambling addict. The poker junkie. I feel pretty balanced in other areas, but find my limits and boundaries here get pushed and changed far too quickly. Im concerned, but also chasing highs. Chasing these dream wins. I supoose thats what every addict chases, the rush.

What society do we live in where we chase that? Is it a capitalist society, to be the winner? If i was that, sure id have an easier ride, more leisure and less stress. What a fun experience for me. It doesnt change this model where few people have that while many dont. Thats the fundamentals of captisilism. I try to retract from over leaning so far into risk that one looses themselves. I try to see investing from a more holistic view. Who am i investing in. If this project had no payoff to me for money, would i still invest? Is there more beyond money that i care about here. Am i supporting a future i dont even believe in simply for money? What will come of that? Am i chasing a future. Am i investing now in that future me? And am i making bigger risks then i need to for bigger wins that i dont need? Where is healthy investing, in my stability and future, and where is recklessness, betting all that potential on instead something more hyper, bigger. I wonder that. I keep coming back to seeing the humanity in what im doing. Im investing in people, projects. Im investing in ideas, organizations, inventors, creators, believers. Its important to invest in these people. And to see beyond the daily wins and losses. A mighty vision will have down days. Other will have headline news while you have had repedative weeks. Those are aspects of this path. What is deeper then financial return. True understanding. Real care and curiosity. A willingness to learn. You may not find the best product, or support the greatest. Other opportunities may be better, may be that great one. Thats not the point. Find something you stand behind. Its not a leader board, or competition, or a number game. Let your heart be the investor. Let your love be your leader board. Use the daily rhythms to tell you how to grow. These are how we rebound. Find things you believe in. Not just organizations you want to make money from. Invest for something deeper


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