End of the year

Its coming up to the last few days of the year. The goals we set at the beginning are coming to an end. The holidays are being enjoyed and are a time to relax for many people. Soon people will go back to school, work, and start the entire process all over again.

Im coming into this years end abit more uninspired then most. I feel like the end of the year has this fresh start energy that alot of people experience. But with omicron, and just life events, the holidays and year end feels more happening then rejoicing.

These can be global themes. There is covid burnout for people. There is the darkness, the coldness, the challenges even nature prevents. There is global pandemics continuing and just overall lack of hope for many in culture. It can appear to be a fairly unceremonious time when all these highlight events come to their day. Yet they are these arbitrary milestones (new years, christmas) which are special in its own sense, but are not true deeply felt lasting change. Its very possible for nothing significant to happen on these days. For it to be more X’s on the calender and to just be counting the days to the next arbitrary milestone (canada day, thanksgiving, etc.)

These battles and experiences can be hard and difficult, but its not a given that every year, at this time of year, will everything be perfect, be easy, be as expected or as you hoped. There is the possibility for disappointment at any and every stage of life. The year end may be insignificant in some ways. What power do we give that day? Can we still find our purpose, our vision of what we want, and use this next year as the breeding ground for those visions. Let that be a hope and a potential. To see the opportunity ahead, before it arrives. To see the fruit when all your doing is planting seeds. Many aspects of life follows this timeline process. Our disconnection from nature has separated us from this. We want things to be fast, quick, like the butterfly. But great accomplishments and visions take time. The redwoods, the mountains, timelines of lifetimes, of centuries. Starting to think bigger then just each year. Each goal. It will take vision to go beyond that. To see the true ending, to see what is really possible. Give yourself space, and empathy. You wont always see the entire picture, have the emotional capacity, or the stamina to make your dreams come true. But give yourself time, motivation is cyclical. Not linear. The sun returns, the year rebegins. Recount the cycles. Remember the visions. Everything is in a process moving at its appropriate speed. Just give it time and space, all will be well. The year ends as it is supposed to, and say very little of the year ahead. Ive had optimistic, ambitious visions for years. Things out of control come into play. Welcome the unknown. Its humbling. Its powerful, more so then all our most fueled sense of control. The unknown is the master. It can end your plan, and force you to a new one. Be patient. Be grateful. Be listening. Know when we are being led anew, and recognize when we have to let control go and accept life as it comes.


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