Off the Grid

So did my first week in Sunshine Valley. To start with I have been living in a 5th wheel.

I feel through my twenties I heard alot of people romanticizing about living off the grid. How it was some sort of environmental acheivement to do so, or atleast I interpreted it that way.

This first week I have been living off the grid, and have to admit its been an adjustment, and at points a struggle.

I think off the grid works when you have alot of good systems and tools in place to make it work. I realize though, it is a learning curve, and a way of life that requires money to build an infustrcture that can sustain it.

The 5th wheel I am using right now runs on batteries. Those can operate the fridge, freezer, heating, lights. But batteries need to be charged. The batteries dont give power to outlets so its not possible to watch tv, run my laptop charger off that batteries, until you buy an inverter, which makes battery power equal to modern plugs, but everything costs money, and a new product to have.

Refilling water for the rv is a daily ritual almost on its own. And then emptying the water that is being used. All these things that modern world cities seem to do for you. You dont have to refill propane tanks for heat in the city, the pipes bring you water, and the powerlines electricity. A real change of lifestyle from that standpoint.

Besides the challenges, living in Sunshine Valley has been very beautiful. The mountains surrounding me make me feel like im Colorado, or the Rockies. Lakes and rivers are pretty common within minutes, and the quietness of the region has been great. I am falling asleep at 9pm up there. Its really nice and relaxing.

We shall see how things evolve, I dont particularily want to be living off the grid by winter. So, we go with the flow and see where time takes us.


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