Blogging update

I’m writing at 4am but I dont have insomnia. I’m intentionally trying to keep myself up. Why? I begin a new job tomorrow which is nights. 6pm-6am. It’s a pump technician job in the Hope area. The pipeline is going through here and alot of creeks need to be protected and cared for during the process, so we are managing all that. Its long days, and long stretches of work. 26 days on and 7 off. Yikes. But the money is real good because of that.

My last update was about me moving to Sunshine Valley. Work up there was abit more challenging then expected to find, and this job will pay me significantly more thrn my options in Sunshine Valley. So for the time being I have moved my 5th wheel out of Sunshine Valley to South of Hope. It’s a big change but I’m really looking forward to it. With the money I make here I feel a vision of getting property or a tiny home becomes a lot more feasible. No time to spend my money, and not many places up here to spend it on. It’s a big project this pipeline. There are so many people and companies working on it. Biggest project in Western Canada and is a federal one, so they are being over safe and careful. We were learning today that if birds nest are near where they need to work they shut down that part of the project. Apperently they also have more archeologists on site then any project before. There was a time I had mixed feelings about pipelines, but seeing from the inside alot of the environmentalism and indigenous outreach they have has really made me open to see how the experience goes for me.

But my lifestyle will be changing for next bit while I give it a shot. I feel friends wanted to visit me or Sunshine Valley, but I dont have much free time these days with a work life like that. I’m excited for the money to invest in what I dream of, but acknowledge alot of my social community life goes on pause. It feels like a version of fasting. A temporary extreme for a desired effect.

Besides that, excited to give it all a try. Stayed up till 4am so far to prepare my body for tomorrow. Some diet Pepsi helped. Well, the journey continues. A month ago I never would have imagined to have left Sunshine Valley and be having this job. With my excitement for a dog and a volunteer firefighter job all put on hold. But it feels right. And synchronicity big time. A person I met in the sauna helped me get this job. And a place to move my rv. Very divine guidance is what it feels like. Incredible luck and turn of events. So. Walk the path and see where it leads.