Buy a mirror and not a magnifying glass

How much of our pain and challenges are a direct reflection of our own emotional world, our own programming. Sometimes its hard to know how much, because we live in a society where many can live without ever realizing or acknowledging that. At times i even wonder, is this all just a make believe lense to view emotions and intensities we dont understand.

Its extremely tender areas inside to examine, and to give the ‘proper diagnosis’ to whats occurring inside you and in the world around you. Each of our pains leads to a different intuition and lense. It can be hard pressed forsure. Where is the truth anyways? Is it in the silent, painful, uncomfortableness of our thoughts, alone time, being? Its like an optical illusion, from a stressed state we see others as the problem, from a light and reflective state maybe we see our own rollercoaster ride thats just too hard to conceptualize or explain. That ‘too hard to explain’ part, is code for too painful to feel. We think, blame, run, avoid, all to not feel pain. We exist in our heads cause internally its the furthest place we can run from our body.

As we centre in and examine these, we learn whats authentically us (or atleast get closer to it). That journey may never end (I say that cause old people still say it doesnt end). We have built such systems and structures and blaming mechanisms and absinthe from responsability that it feels seemingly ingrained, unseperatable, from our own selves. Do these things ruin relationships, do they sabatoge our dreams, keep us trapped in unhealthy thought patterns and minimize our self awareness. How counter intuitive that thinking brings us further. Analyzing makes things more confused. The depths of our experiences are beyond the surface of our habits and patterns. When we venture further than those familiar paths, we discover more options then seemingly autopilot reactions. In these places and times is where hope and true change come. Celebrate the strange journey, through the invisible world of emotions. Our past too, is invisible. Its a story, a memory, an antique sitting buried in the attic or closet, long forgotten. And in that invisible world lies the framework of how you will show up in your present life. What you see around you, is more subjective then you might think. Welcome that reality. Embrace the uncovering of your illusions. See the invisible, more clearly then ever.


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