My past few posts have had themes of cryptocurrency and investing, aswell as addiction and boundaries. These are subjects im still focusing on as they are elements of myself that still surprise me and control me at times.

The crypto side of me feels very drawn into investments. Not being very clear about how much ill invest but just riding on the whim of my emotions. If something seems good ill invest. Now, im concerned if god forbid the crypto market crashes i would be very sad, and need to balance my emotions and choices here. To invest in a way where you are protected from that. Yet i feel myself scared ill miss on a big chance to grow an investment. If over 5 years it grows substantially, ill be upset i didnt put more in at the time. Its that fear that motivates and influences me, so i need to be clear on that. Supposedly 5 years from now ill still be working, earning money, advancing a craft, so im not looking to these to necessarily fund my life. They are added bonuses if they go up. I dont consider myself very materialistic and have no desires for an expensive home or car, but can see the importance of say a down payment, should i choose to go this route. That desperation for a lifestyle change or growth can be the starting of an addiction. Are you looking for an easy way to create change, getting lucky on some investment? Or is that where a portion of your savings go while your work and consistent growth is the true bedrock of your finances. Investments are good and appropriate, but i find i drain myself on research that i loose the energy i need for my more real world responsibilities. I find myself at work more distracted. As i drive feelings its a waste of time to not listen to a podcast on crypto. Have i sincerely begun to go too much one way. How can i feel solid and grounded while im betting on luck or things seemingly out of my control to unfold in a favorable outcome( and that what benefits me may detriment someone else). These impulsive, knee jerk responses. Like the gambling addict, thinking they have that real chance and thing. Its about having your money do the work for you, rather than you constantly thinking and lost in that mindset of investment and what if i invest more? Finding that boundary, in a world where you can act so seamlessly. Its a way the environment allows you to put more funds in, but also be aware that it is your psychological state that makes you vulnderable to such instances. When one is underslept, abit less mindful, upset from work, these can feel like real tempting possibilities rather than simply going forward with real baseline strategies and clear vision. So im stepping back from that. Analyzing myself and where things will go. I cant invest in everything, nor is it my intention to. But really be clear minded on what is realistic, feasible. Dont get immersed in your head to the extent you loose touch of reality, thinking every project is that golden ticket. Dont make it do binary of the golden ticket. Use it as a chance to educate yourself about new parts of the world. Diversifying your savings, and supporting organizations and different creators. Follow the money in some stages, but also follow your heart, your gut. Yes, there will be the project that gets super popular that you didnt invest in when you should have. That will be a part of this journey that you need to accept and come to peace with. You wont, nor should you expect to, win the lottery. We all could have bought tickets there, took that job, made that choice, where the cards would have played differently. That is inherent in most peoples lives. There are a few who had the lucky moments and lucky breaks. Some maybe doing what your doing. But find a healthy balance. Dont bank on following in footsteps you cant control. And dont set yourself up for disappointment that could have been avoided. Those are crucial, vital aspects in this. Find your equilibrium. With more money, lifestyle goals, career goals, they all play into the choices you will make. Feel solid that your not relying on this. It cant, and shouldn’t by your ticket to change. Dont rely on someone else following their mission to fund yours. If your mission is to fund others be clear in that, but if its about other things recognize you’ll invest differently. Know thyself. Find ones balance and center feeling. Those are the individual aspects of being alive, we all have our own unique needs and compass. We have some overlap, but never all. Celebrate that, and do your work to not over lean or over fall one way or the other.


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